Azure for AWS professionals - Auto Scaling - AWS - 04 Creating Auto Scaling Groups - Part 1

@20aman    Aug 14, 2019

Note that this post is a part of the series. You can view all posts in this series here: Azure for AWS professionals - Index

Auto Scale Groups is how you can have multiple instances hosting the same application running at the same time in AWS. This is what provides you with high availability for your applications deployed on EC2 instances in AWS. These scale in and out based on your scaling conditions. You can create auto scale groups in AWS using any one of the Launch Template or Launch configurations. Templates are the recommended way to go.

You start by navigating to the EC2 in AWS.


Scroll all the way down and navigate to Auto Scaling Groups. Click on the "Create Auto Scaling group" to start the creation wizard.

Auto Scaling Groups

Right on the first screen, you provide a name for the Auto Scaling group. You also select if you want to use Launch Template or Launch Configurations. Whichever you decide you select the appropriate value from the drop-down.

Choosing Launch Template or Configuration

Once you select the template it shows you detailed settings that are configured inside the template.

Providing Launch Template

Under Step2, you configure the purchase options and instance types. You have the option of adhering to the template configurations as shown below.

Configure Settings - Adhering to the launch template

Or you have the option of combining purchase options and instance types along with the settings from the template. You can provide cost optimization and instance type details here.

Configure Settings - Combine purchase options and instance types

We are only halfway here. We will continue creating the Auto Scaling Group in part 2 of this blog.

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