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@20aman    Jun 20, 2019

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To consume the Azure Batch service, you need a Batch account.

To create a Batch account navigate to Create a new service (from the 3 lines on the top left corner), then in the menu under the Compute category, find the "Batch Services" option.

Creating Batch Service

Just like any other resource, you provide a Subscription and a Resource Group. You also provide a name for the account. This name should only contain lowercase letters and should be unique in Azure's DNS space. This is used to uniquely identify your Batch account. You also select the location for your Batch service account.

New Batch account wizard

Next, you have advanced settings. Here you select the Pool allocation mode. You have a Batch Service or User subscription as two options. This setting specifies whether to provision compute node pools in a subscription managed by the Batch service, or in the subscription in which you are creating the new Batch account. In most cases, this should be set to default i.e. managed by Batch service.

Advanced options

Next, you can apply tags to categorize the resource and get better control over automation, reporting, and billing, etc.

Applying Tags

Finally, you review the setting and create the Batch account. Note that you have the option to download the template here so that you can automate the deployment next time you need to deploy this or deploy it uniformly across different environments.

Review and Create

Azure immediately shows you the status of your deployment. This screen refreshes automatically and will update to show when the deployment is complete.

Deployment Status

In the next post, we will look at creating a Pool within the Batch account.

For more information check this link: Azure Batch service

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