Azure for AWS professionals - Batch Services - Azure - 3 Creating Job in the Batch Pool

@20aman    Jun 24, 2019

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Once you have a Batch account set up with a Pool (of compute nodes) running, you will need a job running in this pool to consume all that computing power.

To create a Job in the Batch Pool, you first navigate to your Batch account (if not there already). Then scroll down and select Jobs. Click on "+Add" to add new jobs.

Jobs section

In the blade to Add Job, provide a unique Job Id. Add this job to the appropriate pool by clicking on the "Select a pool to run the job on". This will bring up another blade where all your pools will be listed. Selected the one you want and hit Select button.

Adding a New Job

Now that the job is also ready, you can start adding Tasks to this job. You can add multiple tasks to one job. We will check that next.

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