Azure SQL and Data Factory Basics - Index

@20aman    Feb 22, 2020

This is the index for the Azure SQL Basics. I received various requests to write posts around Azure SQL basics. This series is the practical and hands-on look at various features of Azure SQL from creating the service to working with it in detail.

Below is the index for this series which is updated periodically.

Azure SQL related posts

  1. Finding Azure SQL Databases in the Azure Portal
  2. Creating Azure SQL Databases
  3. Connecting to Azure SQL DB using SSMS
  4. Enabling Geo-Replication for Disaster Recovery
  5. Data Masking of sensitive information
  6. Exploring the new Query Editor in the Azure Portal
  7. Advanced Data Security
  8. Query Performance Insights
  9. Automatic Tuning and Performance recommendation
  10. Creating Elastic Pool in Azure SQL Server
  11. Azure Active Directory Admin - Manage Azure SQL via AD Users
  12. Managing Backups for Azure SQL Database
  13. Restoring Azure SQL Database from the backup
  14. Setting up Private Endpoints on an Azure SQL Server

Azure Data Factory related posts

  1. Creating a Data Factory

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