Azure SQL Basics - Azure Active Directory Admin - manage Azure SQL via AD Users

@20aman    Nov 27, 2019

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Azure active directory admin allows managing the other active directory user to manage the Azure SQL database. SSMS provides an option to connect with the server using the "Azure active directory authentication". To leverage this functionality, the Azure active directory admin has to provide access to the user.

In this post, we are looking at this option and checking the way to add the Azure Active directory admin through Azure Portal.

Go to All resources-> SQL server -> Settings-> Active Directory Admin-> Set Admin

Set AD Admin option

Add the user from the select dropdown. Once selected, you will be able to see the added user on the home page of active directory admin.

Add Admin wizard

Now you are ready to have this AD user manage the database. Now this user can add other AD users to the database (instead of simple SQL users)

To get more details about this, please refer to the Microsoft official link Use Azure Active Directory Authentication for authentication with SQL

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