Azure for AWS professionals - Networking - Azure - 04 Creating Network Security Groups

@20aman    Oct 14, 2019

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Network Security Groups or NSGs are kind of a firewall, where you define what traffic will be allowed and what traffic will be blocked.

Note that whereas AWS has Network ACLs at the subnet level and Security Groups at the EC2 instance level, Microsoft Azure only has NSGs. These can be applied both at the subnet level as well as at the network interface level (i.e. VM level). The way these are designed, they resemble Network ACLs a lot.

You start by navigating to all services -> Networking category -> Network security groups.

Network Security Groups

All your existing NSGs are listed here. To create a new one click on the "+Add" button.

Add new NSG

Provide the subscription and resource group for the NSG. Also, provide a name and the region where the NSG will be deployed.


Provide the tagging information to better categorize the resources.


Review all the settings and hit create.

Review and Create

Now that the NSG is created for us we will see how we can define rules in this and assign it to subnets or network interfaces, in the next post.

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