Azure for AWS professionals - Storage - Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts vs AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

@20aman    Aug 24, 2019

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For storing your blobs like your photos, videos, and any other files, both the cloud platform have great services to offer. AWS calls its service as Simple Storage Service or more popularly known as S3. Microsoft Azure calls its service as Storage Accounts. Microsoft has bundled below services within Storage Accounts:

  • Blob storage - to securely store your blobs like photos, videos, and other files, etc.
  • File shares - SMB file shares
  • Table storage - Tabular storage to store non-relational data
  • Queue storage - to scale apps

From all these services, Azure blob storage within Storage accounts is the key comparable service to S3.

To access AWS S3, you can do so by navigating to all Services and navigating to S3 under the Storage category as shown below.


To access Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts, navigate to All services -> Storage category -> Storage accounts.

Storage accounts

We will review how to get started with each of these services in the next couple of blogs.

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