Azure for AWS professionals - Virtual Machines vs EC2 instances - 10 - Backing up Azure VMs

@20aman    Jun 12, 2019

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Backing up a VM is the best practice from an operations perspective. The VM should be backed up on periodic intervals and these backups should be retained for some time as well.

You can backup a VM, right from its settings. After you navigate to Azure Virtual Machines, click on the VM for which you want to configure backup. Then under the Operations category, click on the Backup option. Here to configure the backup, you select the Backup vault, Resource Group and the backup policy.

You can also create a new backup policy on the fly. To do so, you need to click on the "Create (or edit) a new policy" link.

Azure Backup from VM settings

Under the create or edit Backup policy, you can configure how often and when the backup should be taken. You also configure for how long the backup should be retained.

Creating backup policy

For more information check this link: Back up an Azure VM from the VM settings

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