Azure Script Samples - Series Index

@20aman    Feb 23, 2019

This blog is an Index of various blogs and related script samples in the series "Azure Script Samples":

  1. Format EA Billing Usage Csv for Tags
  2. Export All Azure Automation Account Runbooks and Variables
  3. Export All OMS Log Analytics Saved Searches
  4. Check Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Prerequisite Services
  5. Set Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Prerequisite Services
  6. Updating a Custom RBAC Role in Azure
  7. Azure Automation - Runbook for ASR Recovery Plan
  8. Azure Automation - Get VM Information from ASR Recovery Plan Context
  9. Azure Automation - Sending Email Notification
  10. Azure Automation - Get VM Information from actual Azure Virtual Machine
  11. Azure Automation - Check VM Availability
  12. Apply Locks on Various Azure Resources
  13. Check for Pending Reboots on various VMs in your environment
  14. Apply RBAC Role to Users on Resources
  15. Getting Azure Resource Reports
  16. Generate Azure Resources Report by Tags v3.0
  17. Set Tags on Azure Resources
  18. Creating Multiple Resource Groups with RBAC Role Assignment
  19. Checking if the Prompt for current script is Elevated or not
  20. VM Operations - Setting up the VM Backup
  21. VM Operations - Convert VM to Managed Disk VM
  22. VM Operations - Change Azure VM Size
  23. VM Operations - Apply HUB Licensing to Existing VMs
  24. VM Operations - Export VM Configurations
  25. VM Operations - Working with VM Snapshots and moving the Managed VMs across subscriptions and regions
  26. Removing Locks from Azure Resources
  27. Generate Report for Route Tables with associated Subnets and related information
  28. Disassociate and Associate Subnets to Route Tables

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