Azure SQL Database now has a Serverless Compute Tier

@20aman    Jul 24, 2019

Azure SQL Database now has a Serverless Compute Tier. Note that this option is only available with the newer vCore based pricing. This provides you with loads of advantages as this optimizes the pricing and enables all the goodness of the Serverless architecture for your SQL Databases.

The key points are:

  • The underlying compute resources (i.e. CPU and memory) are auto-scaled based on the demand
  • The billing is done on a per-second basis based on the usage of vCores

When you go to Configure pricing on your database (either during the creation or afterward from the settings), under the vCore based pricing model you now select the Serverless option.

Azure SQL Database Serverless Compute Tier

For more information please check this link: Azure SQL Database serverless

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