Azure Updates: Azure Front Door Service

@20aman    Apr 28, 2019

Azure Front Door is one of the latest services announced by Microsoft. This is a game-changer as it can do lot of heavy lifting for your applications. If your application is deployed in multiple regions then Front Door service is a no-brainer for your organization.

It works at the application layer, i.e. layer 7. It monitors the global routing and automatically routes to the best available host to optimize the performance. The routing is based on the URL paths. It also provides instant failover at the global level. It uses smart health probes to check if your application is available or not. It can also perform SSL offloading to encrypt all the traffic.

To configure a Front Door, you define:

  • Frontend host
  • Backend pools
  • Routing rules
3 steps to configure Front Door

For more information check this official links:

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