Easily and automatically generate architecture diagrams in Azure with the Resource Visualizer

@20aman    Nov 29, 2021

Imagine you are in a rush and you need to create a diagram of your environment urgently. You wish there was a way to just select the resources and generate the diagram, that not only shows all the resources in the environment but also shows you the relation between different resources. And now there is such a way in Azure.

Resource Visualizer is a new feature that is now integrated into the Azure portal. Access from any Resource Group's setting and quickly generate a diagram for all the resources in the resource group.

Resource Visualizer

One of the neat features is that you can click on the "Choose resources" button at the top to select the resources you need in the visualizer (and exclude others). You can also zoom in and out by using the zoom controls at the bottom right corner. If you are not able to adjust and need to reset, you can click on the "Zoom to fit" button at the top.

I am sure this feature will become a go-to for quickly generating diagrams with dependencies for providing walk-throughs and creating architectural diagrams in Microsoft Azure.

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