Log analytics workspace name uniqueness is now per resource group

@20aman    May 05, 2021

Azure monitor log analytics workspace name needed to be unique globally so far (similar to storage account names). Microsoft has implemented changes on the backend around how the names are handled in the background. The main change that is an outcome of this is that the log analytics workspace name no longer needs to be globally unique. Instead, it needs to be unique only within a resource group level.

This provides a lot more flexibility in providing whatever names you want to assign to the log analytics workspace and following your naming standards without worrying that someone else across the globe could be using the same name.

Workspace uniqueness updates

Workspace uniqueness is maintained as follow:

  • Workspace ID – global uniqueness remained unchanged.
  • Workspace resource ID – also needs to be globally unique.
  • Workspace name – needs to be unique per resource group.

Cross workspace queries

Cross workspace queries should now reference workspaces by either:

  • Qualified name, or
  • Workspace ID, or
  • Azure Resource ID

Cross workspace queries referenced by resource name (i.e. the workspace name) will fail due to ambiguous names when you have multiple workspaces with that name.

Official update link: Log analytics workspace name uniqueness is now per resource group.

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