Script Sample - Generate Azure Resources Report by Tags v3.0

@20aman    Nov 03, 2018

This is version 3.0 of an older script which generates the report for Azure resources by Tags. This is one of the most important script that ensures that you are compliant in your environment. You can pull reports on the CSV generated by this script to see which resources are missing tags or which resources do not have the correct tags applied.

What is updated in this version: This version now can parse the Tags. It even factors for the spacing between the tag names. You will need to tweak the script to parse your own tags. Sample is provided in the script. You will need to modify the lines between 87 and 145 in the lined script.

You can still refer the older script here along with the details mentioned in that post: Script Sample - Generate Azure Resources Report by Tags

Location of the Script

You can find this script in GitHub at this location: Get-AzureRmTagsReport - v3.0.ps1

Next Steps - Setting the updated Tags

Now, what do you do witht he output CSV report that you got from running this script. You will update this csv file by making the corrections. If any resources will be missing any tags then you will add the same. After that this CSV file will become an input to another script, which will Set the changes for the Tags back to Azure resources. This script can be found here: Script Sample - Set Tags on Azure Resources.

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