Suspending and Resuming Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Replication on a single or multiple servers

@20aman    Oct 25, 2016

Let us assume that you have enabled the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) replication on various servers. These servers can be:

  • On Premise VMWare VMs
  • On Premise Physical Servers
  • Azure ASM (older portal) VMs

The purpose could be anything from setting up Disaster Recovery for your infrastructure or using ASR for Migrating workloads from on-premise to Azure. For any reason, you may need to suspend and resume ASR replication on one or more target servers.

Currently, ASR does not have the feature to allow you to suspend and resume the ASR replication. But you can do this manually as easily.

To Suspend the ASR replication on a particular server, all you need to do is:

  1. Log into the server on which ASR replication is currently going on and you want to suspend the replication.
  2. Open the Services (Run -> services.msc)
  3. Locate the following services and Stop these services.
    • Azure Site Recovery VSS Provider
    • InMage Scout Application Service
    • InMage Scout VX Agent - Sentinel/Outpost

Checkout these servers below:

Services 1

Services 2

To Resume the ASR replication, just do the opposite, i.e. Log into the server and Start these services.

Until Azure adds this feature directly in the portal, this easy manual step is the workaround for suspending and resuming the replication on servers.

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