Understanding the Action Groups for alerts in Microsoft Azure

@20aman    May 25, 2020

Action Groups is a very useful concept in Microsoft Azure. It is used to define two things when an alert is triggered. The first is to define how to send notifications and to whom when an action group is triggered via an alert. Secondly, it defines if any action should be taken when an alert is fired.

Using the Action Groups you can send notifications via the following methods when an action group triggers:

  1. Group emails,
  2. SMS,
  3. Azure app notifications, and
  4. Voice calls.
  5. You can also send emails to an Azure Resource Manager role using Action Groups.

Optionally, you can also take actions using the following features of Azure, when an action group is triggered:

  1. Automation Runbook
  2. Azure Function
  3. ITSM
  4. Logic App
  5. Secure Webhook
  6. Webhook

Action Groups are located in the Azure Monitor under the "Alerts" section. Navigate to "Manage actions" to create or modify action groups.

In the next blog post, we will look at how to create Action Groups in the Azure Portal. You can check the next blog here: Creating the Action Groups for alerts in Microsoft Azure

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